Monday, July 29, 2013


OK, so twerking has became a popular art form in this music industry.  It has it's own group of artist who make music strictly for you ladies to move your gluteus maximus in various directions to the rhythm of the song.  I am and a man and I approve of this music whether some would feel it is destroying hip hop or whatever but to me even older generations had songs made just for partying and dancing.  Here is a list of songs for all my twerkers out there to twerk to.  #SWBY

1.  K-Stylis- Booty Me Down
2.  Lil Ronny MothaF ft. Myke Fresh, Yung Nation- Circle
3.  Beat King ft. DJ Chose- Throw that Ass
4.  Moe Gang- Chest Pump
5.  Finatticz- Dont drop that thun thun
6.  YG- Pop It
7.  M.E.- Hydrolics
8.  Brook Gang Music- Working on that pole
9.  K-Stylis- Trampoline Booty
10.  Fat Pimp- Face Down, Ass Up
11.  Yung Nation- Wurk Werk Dont Stop
12.  DJ Chose- Dont Stop, Pop That

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