Monday, January 2, 2012


In a day and age where social media has totally taking over the way we communicate with one or another or the convenience of talking to the "stars", is social networking being taking too serious?  There are females who act holier than thou on these sites but in the "real world", their private space done had more bodies in it than a morgue, and they get upset when people, mainly men be vulgar with them on here as if they feel that we are putting them "on blast" about something everybody already knows.  Talking about sex on social networks is not putting your business out there.  Putting your business "out there" is doing shit like exposing ya family, exposing the fact that you are mad at something or people, every time you have a problem with somebody you take straight to these websites all upset and shit, etc...  People kill me getting all upset when they see people cursing or talking about certain shit on these networks as if these websites weren't created for grown-ups originally.  Well I tell you one thing I will never censor myself because when you talk to me in person I am laid back but I am just as raw when I talk.  I honestly don't care if a job observes what I say or do on these sites because they live just like I do, I am not exposing myself I am just being me.  You got corporate heads, teachers, etc., who surf teen chat rooms and kiddie sites because they are pedophiles but these are the same people we are worried about observing a fucking social network to see if we drinking liquor, etc...  Do me a favor and #killyaself with your serious asses and drink liquid fire.....this just the warm up...It's Big Yum mayne

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  1. Well said yum i agree with you a 100% on this....