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Mac and Adam were born on the Southside of Houston, Texas.  They were born two days a part in 1985, Mac was born May 27th and Adam May 29th.  Their mothers were best friends and planned to have children around the same time.  The two were inseparable from birth.  At a young age they started doing talent shows in elementary and soon became deejays/producers/rappers in middle school, getting paid to deejay parties and were also selling mix tapes.  The duo founded the Space Age Family in 1998 and recruited Mac's younger brother and five other childhood friends including fellow Houston rapper Dante Higgins.  Throughout High school Mac & Adam continued to deejay and make mixtapes all while maintaining good grades.  In college Mac and Adam formed Undergravity(a group consisting of only the two, but they were still under the Space Age Umbrella).  Since they formed the group, they have released two CDs, have had numerous write ups and a nomination in 2011 for Best Group in the Houston Press.  They also have three videos.


BIG YUM: What it do Mac, what made yall boys get into rapping?
MAC: My pops sung background for various rhythm and blues acts so we were always around music.  On top of that we were fascinated by what DJ Screw(rest his soul) was doing we had to try it.

BIG YUM: Awwready, I can dig that.  What direction do you feel Houston's music is headed as far as rap?

MAC: You mean is H-town rap headed in the right direction?  I do think so.  At one point it was like, all I was hearing was dance songs but now I am hearing more variety, more Houston.  Plus its a few  upcoming artists that can actually rap.

BIG YUM:  Yeah, I have to agree with you on that.  Being a die hard fan of Houston's sound I thought the dance songs were getting a little out of hand but then I started hearing about cats like yall, Dante Higgins, Doughbeezy, Propain, LE$, and was like the new Houston is bringing back that southern Texas sound.  So what do you be jamming to when you get in the car?
MAC: When I get in my car right now I am jamming Devin the Dude, Mr. 3-2, original instrumentals, old Beanie Sigel, Nas, Messy Marv. That's just to say a few.  But we stuck in the old school, we don't listen to new shit at all.  We be jamming to Luther Vandross, Willie Hutch, Bobby Womack, George Clinton and P-Funk, Cameo, The Dramatics, etc....

BIG YUM: I feel ya, Ima old head myself I'm stuck in the past with music I aint going to lie.  With that being said who is your top 5 Houston rappers of all time?
MAC: My top 5 Houston rappers would be Fat Pat, Scarface, Devin the Dude, K-rino, and the 5th slot is still up for grabs.

BIG YUM: That's what's up G, well it was good to chop up game with you, and learn a little about what yall got going on, until next time G Ima continue to jam yall and put it in they face mayne.

MAC: We appreciate you homie, 100.

Undergravity's latest  cd #SpaceJams (march2011) here: http://tinyurl.com/43rz58t Nuthin but that #SpaceAgeFunk

New music from #UnderGravity "Invasion Of The Frauds" http://www.thafixx.com/?p=8578

NEW SONG off Undergravity's new cd, #SpaceJams -- Right Direction feat.@IamAliciaJames http://j.mp/gxuQJx

New music "Cameras Freestyle" http://t.co/djuFa0EI
Undergravity's mixtape released May 2010 #StarShipsAndRockets >>>> http://t.co/1gYysFLj


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