Sunday, September 16, 2012


Social Media has ruined today's living.  Simple, straight to the point right?  Well what I am actually saying is that everything where people earned a right or respect for has been ruined by social media.  Social media has allowed people to have an input on everything from music to sports.  But this blog isn't about nothing but sports since it is football Sunday.  Social media gives an average joe outlets to all kind of statistics about their so-called "favorite" team or player for all sports.  Mind you that this average joe didn't like sports until they followed the Miami Heat's twitter page or like the Miami Heat history page on Facebook.  I mean these types of people will argue someone on these medias all day.  Prime example, the average joe who never played sports or even really likes them will argue someone who has been coaching basketball for years that the 2-3 zone will not stop players from driving the lane forcing them to shoot, all because they saw a tweet that had a link saying "2-3 zone is worst defense in basketball".  These are just examples but these things happen.  No experience playing or coaching basketball but will tell a basketball coach or player that the 2-3 doesn't work.  Women and sports talk is at an all time high because of social media.  Am I saying that women don't know sports?  Absolutely not, what I am saying is there are plenty of women on social media such as twitter or Facebook, who can argue that they have been Miami Heat fans since Alonzo Mourning. And this is all because the Miami Heat page may have said that "Alonzo Mourning was the greatest Miami Heat player in the early 90's".  The lady arguing this point was born in 1992 though.  See where this is going?  Social media has allowed non-sports fans an opinion that may actually be valid in an argument all because they follow or like are the pages of their "favorite" team, player, coach, GM, etc...  I will end this now but feel free to comment, debate, give your opinion, etc..., all is welcome.  This is just food for thought.    

*Notice I used the Miami Heat as the prime example because that is the latest bandwagon in sports.

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