Sunday, July 12, 2015


R. Kelly is arguably Top 5 R&B Artist of all-time. His discography includes 13 solo projects and 2 collaboration albums with Jay-Z. Six of those albums are multi-platinum, 5 were platinum, and 3 went Gold(Not 100% sure on the gold numbers).  With that being said I have took his album sales of each one of his solo projects and created a playoff type bracket to find out which album is the best all-time according to the fans. Below is the rank of each album based on unofficial album sale numbers:
1. R.- 8x Platinum
2. 12 Play- 6x Platinum
3. R. Kelly- 5x Platinum
4. 4x Platinum
5. Happy People/You Saved Me- 3x Platinum
6. Chocolate Factory- 2x Platinum
7. Born In the 90s- Platinum
8. TP-3 Reloaded- Platinum
9. Double Up- Platinum
10. Love Letter- Gold
11. Black Panties- Gold
12. Untitled- Gold
13. Write Me Back

Now after looking at the list, the albums have been matched up as follows:
First Round
#8 TP-3 Reloaded vs #9 Double Cup

Which is the better album? TP3-Reloaded or Double Up?

Double Up
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#4 vs #13 Write Me Back

Which is the better album?

Write Me Back
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#5 Happy People/You Saved Me vs #12 Untitled

Which is the better album?

Happy People/You Saved Me
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#7 Born in the 90s vs #10 Love Letter

Which is the better album?

Born in the 90s
Love Letter
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#6 Chocolate Factory vs #11 Black Panties

Which is the better album?

Chocolate Factory
Black Panties
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#1 R., #2 12 Play, and #3 R,Kelly have byes

In round 2 #1 will play winner of #8/#9, #2 will play winner of #7/#10 and #3 will play the winner of #6/#11

Once I get at least 20 votes per album battle, we will move on to round 2. If it happens to be tie between two albums then I will be the deciding vote for the album to move on. #SWBY

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