Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Let me start this blog off by saying that I'm not here to personally chastise no particular individual but I am here to chastise the attitude of blacks in the workforce.  There are many unacceptable attitudes that blacks have about the workforce.  I am able to write this blog because of long time observations of the attitudes of a few individuals who have sturdy careers and "positions of power".  Maybe I should correct this blog by saying African Americans instead of blacks, huh?  Either way people of color act a certain way in the workforce and it is so obvious.  Have you ever wondered why a black person will do everything to get the job done for a white person as oppose to its own kind?  It's because when we are in positions of power in an organization we have a tendency to "shit" on our "competition".  In the workforce, it is obvious that caucasian people do not have a conscience when it comes to making money, they thrive on "by any means necessary" to be on top.  Not saying that they would not cut your throat because they will everyone will.  White people just want their organization on top of all its competition.  Even if it means looking bad while doing it, they do not care they want victory.  Black people on the other hand make it hard on their own people for a job that is simple to do.  They raise a fuss about appearance, whether or not you are on your cell phone, what you are saying on your PERSONAL social media networks, what you are doing during your PERSONAL time away from work, etc...  You are getting the job done or doing a good job but instead of pointing out your great work performance they replace it with something so petty like "Why is your shirt not tucked in?"  or "Your skirt is inappropriate."  For example a black male who may be the top lawyer at a white law firm, transfers over to a more predominantly black law firm, now this guy is better than any lawyer this firm has but instead of praising his work they say, "Why do you have those earrings in?" or "Why are you wearing tennis shoes?".  This is the way this lawyer been preparing his work since he has been at the white firm though.  Do you all see where this is headed?  By no means am I saying that  dressing up or "professional" as some would say is not cool but long as the job is getting done right what does it matter?  If you have an individual in your organization who can sit at a desk and get 15 task done right, what does it matter how he/she looks?  Now I am not saying go to your job looking like you just woke up but if the individual comes to work comfortable and it is decent then let it be.  But I know blacks point these petty things out to keep one individual from being a threat or rising above them in an organization, especially black supervisors.

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