Sunday, June 19, 2016


Today June 19th, 2016 is Father's Day. It also happens to be Juneteenth where we celebrate the freedom of our ancestors. Many people have so much positive to say about various men handling their business as fathers. It is refreshing to see that seeing as the stereotype says black men are deadbeats. To many of us we do have Supermen in our lives. But there are some who don't have that privilege. Music is life so you know I had to compile a list of songs where rappers and singers express either there love or there hate for their "Superman". Feel the love from many who got the chance to enjoy their fathers. Feel the pain for those who didn't. There are even artist who acknowledge their love for being a father. None the less enjoy and Father's Day to Woody, Link, Sam Wilson(RIP), Papa Harris(RIP), Lenard Pruitt Sr(RIP), Don Tatum, Mayor Jones, and a few others who give me guidance and never let me take the wrong roads in life. Yall are much appreciated. #SWBY

1. Propain- Father's Day (Real Tough)

2. Dante Higgins- Achilles Heal

3. Luther Vandross- Dance With My Father

4. Tony Toni Tone- Just Like My Papa

5. The Temptations- Papa Was A Rolling Stone

6. The Game ft. Busta Rhymes- Like Father, Like Son Part 1 & 2

7. Will Smith- Just The Two of Us

8. Jay-Z- Glory

9. Nas- Daughters

10. Beyonce- Daddy

11. Sade- Babyfather

12. Nas- Poppa Was A Playa

13. 2pac- Papa'z Song

14. John Mayers- Daughters

15. B-Rock & The Bizz- My Baby Daddy

16. Shaquille O'Neal- Biological Didn't Bother

17. Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs- Be A Father to Ya Child

18. Big Krit- Rich Dad, Poor Dad

19. LL Cool J- Father

20. George Michaels- Father Figure

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