Sunday, June 26, 2016


I'm sitting here going through my NO LIMIT Discography and the music that Master P and his empire created is timeless. A lot of this music could be dropped today put a lot of this new music to shame still. No Limit created it's own sound for the South and it was different from anything you ever heard. No Limit and Beats By The Pound may have arguably been the best Artist/Producer team ever. At Least Top 10. Going through all these jams it was only right I compile a Top 25 listen of what I think are the best songs to come from No Limit ever. This was a hard feat but i think most would agree with a lot of the jams on here. #SWBY

25. Tru- I Always Feel Like(Somebody Watching Me) ft. Mia X & Mo B. Dick, Album: "TRU 2 Da Game"

24. Soulja Slim- No Limit Party ft. No Limit, Album: "Give It 2 'Em Raw"

23. Kane & Abel- Gangstafied ft. Master P, Mo B. Dick, Album: "7 Sins"

22. Mean Green- Major Players ft. Master P, Mia X, Silkk Da Shocker, Porsha, Album: "Major Players Compilation"

21. Silkk- The Shocker, Album: "The Shocker"

20. Steady Mobb'N- Puff, Puff, Pass, Album: "Pre-Meditated Drama"

19. Snoop Dogg- Still A G Thang, Album: "Da Game Is To Be Sold and Not Told"

18. Mr. Magic- 9th Ward, Album: "Thuggin' "

17. Master P- Dana You Can Bang Her, Album: "Get Away Clean"

16. Steady Mobb'N- If I Could Change, Album: "Pre-Meditated Drama/I'm Bout It Soundtrack"

15. Master P- Bounce that Ass ft. Silkk, King George, Album: "Down South Hustlers:Bouncin' and Swangin"

14. Mercedes- I Can Tell ft. Mac & Jahbo, Album: "Rear End"

13. C-Loc- Who's Who, Album: "I'm Bout It Soundtrack"

12. Tru- Fuck Them Hoes, Album: "True"

11. Sons Of Funk- Pushin' Inside of You, Album: "The Game of Funk/I'm Bout It Soundtrack"

10. Mr. Serv On- Head & Shoulders ft. Silkk Da Shocker, Mia X, Album: "Life Insurance"

9. Skull Duggery- If It Don't Make $$$ ft. Master P, Fiend, Mo B Dick, Album: "These Wicked Streets"

8. Mia X- Party Don't Stop ft. Master P, Foxy Brown, Album: "Unlady Like"

7. Master P- Make'em Say UGH ft. Mia X, Silkk Da Shocker, Mystikal, Fiend, Album: "Ghetto Dope"

6. Mystikal- Here We Go ft. E-40, B-Legit, Album: "Unpredictable"

5. Young Bleed- How Ya Do That There ft. Master P, C-Loc, Album: "My Balls and My Word"

4. Master P-Burbans & Lacs ft. Silkk Da Shocker, Lil Gotti, O'Dell, Mo B. Dick, Album:"Ghetto Dope"

3. C-Murder- KickDoe ft. Master P & UGK, Album: "Life or Death"

2. Mac- Murder, Murder, Kill, Kill ft. Mystikal, Album:"Shell Shocked"

1. Master P- Break Em Off Something ft. UGK, Album:"Ice Cream Man"

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