Sunday, June 26, 2016


This is Part 2 to what is a hard list to do. So many artists with so many good songs that I could probably do a Top 100. I'll just leave it at this 50. No Limit will forever be timeless. No Limit Forever. Respect the tank. #SWBY

25. Prime Suspects- Liquidation of the Ghetto ft. Mystikal, Album: "Guilty Til proven Innocent"

24. Fiend- Talk It Like I Bring It, Album: "Street Life"

23. Mia X- Whatcha Wanna Do ft. Charlie Wilson, Album: "Mama Drama"

22. Master P- Thinking Bout You ft. Mia X, Mo B. Dick, Album: "MP:Da Last Don"

21. TRU- Tru Homies, Album: "Da Crime Family"

20. TRU- FEDZ ft. Mia X, Album: "Tru 2 Da Game"

19. Master P- Is There A Heaven For a Gangsta, Album: ""Rhyme & Reason Soundtrack"

18. Mr. Serv-On- Know I Would, ft. Mia X, Album:"Life Insurance"

17. Kane & Abel- Time After Time ft. Master P, Album:"Am I My Brothers Keepers"

16. Fiend- Big Timer ft. Mia X, Album:"There's One In Every Family"

15. Master P- I Got The Hook Up ft. Sons of Funk, Album:"I Got the Hook Up Soundtrack"

14. Silkk The Shocker- Just Be Straight With Me ft. Master P, Destiny's Child, Album: Charge It 2 Da Game"

13. Mystikal- Aint No Limit ft. Silkk The Shocker, Album: "Unpredictable"

12. Mo B. Dick- U Got That Fire, Album:"Gangsta Harmony"

11. Skull Duggery- Where You From ft. Master P, Silkk The Shocker, Album:"These Wicked Streets"

10. Master P- Swamp Nigga, Album:"TRU 2 Da Game"

9. Soulja Slim- Get High Wit Me ft. Trinity & Mystikal, Album:"Give It 2 Em' Raw"

8. Mac- Callin' Me ft. Ms. Peaches, Album:"Shell Shocked"

7. Silkk The Shocker- It Aint My Fault ft. Mystikal, Album:"Charge It 2 Da Game"

6. TRU- Freak Hoes ft. Mia X, Album: "TRU 2 Da Game"

5. C-Murder- 2nd Chance ft. Master P, Silkk The Shocker, Mo B. Dick Album: "Life Or Death"

4. Master P- Eternity ft. C-Murder, Mr. Serv-On, Album: "MP:Da Last Don"

3. C-Murder- Down for my N ft. Magic, Snoop Dogg, Album: "Trapped In Crime"

2. Master P- Bout It, Bout It ft. Mia X, Album: "TRU-True"

1. Master P- Mr. Ice Cream Man ft. Silkk & Mia X, Album: "Ice Cream Man"

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